The Neverland Adventure association was created on May 6, 2016. The aim of the association is to organize events about TV series and to invite actors from the series to allow fans to meet their favorite actors. We organize intimate events. Our only goal is that every fan leaves with a smile on his face!

Our events

For more than 3 years now, we have been organizing events in France or online! During these events, we offer fans of the series the opportunity to meet their favorite actors!

Meet your favorite actors during one or two days around different activities: photoshoot, panels, autographs, private meeting...
Virtual conventions
Meet actors virtually in panels, one-on-one meetings, group meetings and all from the comfort of your own home via computer, tablet or phone!
The team
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Neverland Adventure

The association is made up of volunteers committed all year round.

Lastest newsTeam NA
Alex & Lou : our panelists

• Presentations Alex : My name is Alex, I am 28 years old. Fan of TV shows, I attented multiple conventions. In fact, I met one of the organizers of Neverland Adventure at a convention seven years ago. We are friends since and I joined the association thanks to her. Lou :My...

Lastest newsTeam NA
Discord Girls : Louise & Marion

• Presentations Louise : Hi, my name is Louise, I’m 21 years old and I’m a 2nd year law student in Paris. In life, I am passionate about music, skiing and of course series. For the moment, I have only had the opportunity to make one real convention where I was in...