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Let’s hang with -A

We are delighted to announce that our second edition of Let’s hang with will this time be with actors from the Pretty Little Liars series! This edition is called Let’s hang with – A.

As a reminder, our Let’s hang with events are one-day events with few actors and intimates.

The first guest of this event is Janel Parrish! Janel will do individual meetings, a 30 mn game meeting and videos. Her extras will be on sale tomorrow at 9pm at the ticket office.

Information about the event is available on our website : https://www.neverlandadventure.fr/en/events/lhw/

Here is the description of the event’s activities :
Panel: The panel ticket gives you access to all the panels of the event and gives you an access to the Discord area to chat and play with the fans (prizes will be to be won). The full price (10€) of the ticket will be donated to the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris, hôpitaux de France.
Individual Meeting: A 5-minute meeting with the actor alone. It is possible to share this meeting with one person with the option to bring a friend for 10€.
Group Meeting: A 30-minute meeting with a maximum of 30 fans.
Meeting Game : A quiz about the Pretty Little Liars series with one or two actors and a maximum of 8 fans.
Videos: a video of 30 seconds minimum. The video will be sent to you within 4 weeks. As a reminder, the videos are intended for personal use and must not be shared on social medias.
Printed Screenshot : option that will allow you to receive your printed screenshots! For French shipments the rate including a printed screenshot and mailing is 5€ and for all other countries the rate is 10€. If you want several printed screenshots, you can add a 1€ option per photo.
Pack: we will offer you several packs including several activities at a total price lower than the cumulated price of each activity. In addition, each pack includes a panel ticket with access to the discord.

Janel won’t be doing any group meeting and you can find the price and details of the packs offered for her on our ticketing page.

Here is some information about our ticket office :
The ticket office accepts payment by credit card or bank transfer.
To pay by bank transfer, you just have to select the bank transfer payment directly on the ticket office at the time of payment.
When you purchase your activities, you will immediately receive instructions and links to the activities. Keep this email in order to access your activities on the day of the event!
You can also choose the times of your individual meeting when you purchase. The times are also indicated on your ticket.
The registration links for the panels and the Discord space are sent to you a few days before the event.

You can join the Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/letshangwith/

We hope to announce at least another guest soon, so stay tuned!

Neverland Adventure

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M&MI3 Evan

It is with bad news that we are back today. Unfortunately, Evan Williams will not be able to attend the Me and My Idols 3 convention due to a professional obligation that prevents him from travelling to Paris on the dates of the convention. Evan Williams sends his apologies and hopes to see you soon.
Evan Williams’ extras will be refunded within 30 days. You don’t have to do anything, you will receive a ticketweb confirmation as soon as the refund is made. If you have paid by bank transfer, we will contact you by email. We are yet trying to figure out whether we are able to have a new guest or not. Indeed, given the difficult situation, this might not be possible. We will keep you updated.
Because we didn’t want to leave you with bad news, we take this opportunity to officially announce that we will be organising a 4th edition of Me & My Idols in the future.
Last but not least, we would also like to give you updates on the Me and My Idols 3 convention. For the moment, it is still early to go ahead but we would like to keep the event going by taking all the necessary measures on each activity. Rest assured, we do not take the decision to maintain the event lightly. We also know that some people will not be able to come because of the conditions imposed by some countries and we will offer a solution for these people.
We are in regular contact with the actors to get their feedback. For the moment, they all want to keep coming. We hope to be able to give you the details of how to keep this event going at the end of January.
For the moment, all passes are sold out. It is impossible for us for the moment to add more passes in order to respect the distances. We will make an announcement if anything changes.
We hope to get back to you with better news soon! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Neverland Adventure

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Following the success of the Everlasting Adventure Online convention, a second edition will take place on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 February 2021.

The first guest is Arnas Fedaravicius, he will attend both days! Arnas is a platinum guest.

As you know, the ticketing for the #EA (in person) convention opens on Saturday, December 18, 2020. We have decided to open the #EAO2 ticketing on Friday, January 8, 2021 so we won’t open them at the same time.

We will offer packs for people who want to buy more activities. Payment in two installments will be possible for all three packs. The description of the paks is available on the website: https://www.neverlandadventure.fr/en/events/eao2/

The proposed activities are :

  • Individual meeting: one on one with the actor during 5 minutes. Possibility to share this meeting with a friend for 10€ with the option bring a friend.
  • Group meeting: meeting with a maximum of 30 fans during 30 minutes.
  • Duo Meeting : meeting with two guests and a maximum of 30 fans during 30 minutes.
  • Meeting all guests: each day a meeting with all the actors present at the event is offered. These meetings will last 30 minutes and will be limited to 10 people.
  • Meeting game: challenge 2 actors with a maximum of 8 fans during this 45 minutes meeting. The games will be announced soon.
  • Fans meeting: chat between fans during 30 minutes, free for Panel ticket holders if you register !
  • Videos: get a video of minimum 30 seconds of the actor of your choice! Please note that these videos are personal and cannot be shared online.
  • Panels: At least 4 panels (30 minutes) during which you will be able to ask your questions to all the actors present! This ticket also includes an access all day long to Discord (space reserved for fans, discussions, mutual aid, contests…).

We look forward to seeing you online while waiting for the real convention!

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EA : Eliza

Eliza Butterworth is the third guest of the Everlasting Adventure convention, which will take place on Saturday, 25th September, 2021 in Paris. She is joining Arnas and Mark!
Eliza is a regular guest, her extras are included in all passes.

We hope to announce the fourth guest soon.
As a reminder, the ticketing will open on Friday, 18th December, at 9pm.

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Let’s hang with Sterling

We are pleased to announce a new type of event : Let’s hang with. During one day, virtually meet an actor! Several activities will be offered : individual meeting, group meeting, meeting game, panel, personalised video… 


We are pleased to announce that Sterling Knight is the guest of our first edition: Let’s hang with Sterling, which will take place on Saturday 28th November 2020. 


Sterling will participate in several activities: individual meeting, group meeting, meeting game (blind test), panel, and custom video. 

For the first time in one of our virtual events, Sterling will also give a small concert. 

We offer several packages including various activities. A pass is not required and you can buy directly the extras of your choice.  Descriptions and prices of the activities and packs are available on our website : https://www.neverlandadventure.fr/evenements/lhwsterling/ 


You can join the Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/296105264758868/?ref=share 

Let us know who you want to meet during the next Let’s hang with! 

The ticketing opens tomorrow at 9pm : https://www.billetweb.fr/sterling

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Discord Girls : Louise & Marion

• Presentations
Louise : Hi, my name is Louise, I’m 21 years old and I’m a 2nd year law student in Paris. In life, I am passionate about music, skiing and of course series. For the moment, I have only had the opportunity to make one real convention where I was in charge of the ticketsale.

Marion : My name is Marion and I am 23 years old. In life I like a lot of things, like concerts or writing, but I am also a big fan of series. In fact, I met one of the organizers of NA at my first convention in 2016! During the real conventions, I take care of the animations on the big screen in the panel room. I manage the videos and announcements in a timely manner so that everyone can follow their day properly.


• Discord girls
Marion : As a discord girl, I am present with Louise all day on the discord at the convention. Our role is to answer the questions of the fans and offer them a solution if there is a problem. And throughout the day or weekend of the convention, we offer online games for fans (Pictionary, Blindtest, quizzes on the series…). There are always activities tickets to win! What I like most about these missions is to see the good mood of people and friendships made during our games or meetings.
Louise : For the last two online conventions we also offered fan meetings, during which, for 30 to 45 minutes, Marion and I moderated free Zoom meetings with the fans, which allowed them to exchange about the convention, the series… This new activity allows us to put faces on the different names of the people with whom we exchange all along the convention. And I think our greatest reward as a Discord girl is to witness the friendships that are made, or strengthened, between fans.


• Neverland Adventure team in 3 words ?
Louise : Family, extraordinary and devoted.
Marion : Family, magical and unique.


• Their best memory

Louise : I think my best convention memory was selling the extras. Throughout the day I was able to meet great people, talk with them, and to see them leave with a smile on their face and memories in their heads is something really satisfying. But, I must say that the Zoom fan meetings are also great memories, the fans are adorable and it’s nice to see them share lots of anecdotes.




Marion : I would say my best memories are the last two fan meetings, at the Me and My Idols Online and the Everlasting Adventure. The fans are all sweet and it was a real pleasure to meet them. It makes you want to meet them at a real convention!
Otherwise, all the conversations and after parties that end up laughing with the NA team are also part of my best memories.

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EA : Mark and Arnas

We are happy to announce that the convention Everlasting Adventure will take place on Saturday, September 25th, 2021. The event will take place at the hotel Novotel Paris Sud Porte de Charenton.

The first guests are Arnas Fedaravicius and Mark Rowley. Mark is an extra guest and Arnas is included in all passes.

Because of the current health situation and in order to respect safe distancing,the event will be intimate (100 tickets). There will be a total of 4 guests (3 included and 1 extra guest). Do not hesitate to vote for the actors you want to meet on the Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/everlastingadventure/

The ticketing will open on Friday, 18th December, 2021. You can already see the tickets prices on our website : https://www.neverlandadventure.fr/en/events/ea/


For the ticketing opening, we will offer to the quickest fans some extras :
1st VIP pass bought = a meeting for free
1st Complete Experience pass bought = a group photoshoot for free
1st Shooting pass bought = a duo photoshoot for free
1st Signing pass bought = an individual photoshoot for free
1st Entry pass bought = an autograph for free

We can’t wait to see you next year!

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Alex & Lou : our panelists

• Presentations

Alex : My name is Alex, I am 28 years old. Fan of TV shows, I attented multiple conventions. In fact, I met one of the organizers of Neverland Adventure at a convention seven years ago. We are friends since and I joined the association thanks to her.

Lou :My name is Lou and I am 27 years old. My favorite hobby is going to concerts, but it is unfortunately not possible at the moment… I’m someone who loves series and I’ve always watched a lot of them. I had already attended several conventions as a fan before joining the Neverland Adventure team as a volunteer.

• Joining the NA team in a few words

Alex : I always like the events which bring together people who share the same centers of interest and the atmosphere of conventions is always something I like. Participating to conventions while being part of the team was a golden opportunity. When I joined the team, I thought that I was only going to assist actors and translate during the autographs sessions when needed. Since then, the organizers assigned me more missions, such as animating or translating the Q&A sessions. At first, I was quite stressed to translate in front of many people, but slowly the Q&A sessions turned out to be very positive experiences as well as often unforgettable. The atmosphere of NA conventions is always warm and homelike. The online conventions allow the NA team to interact more, thus our conventions days are even more special. NA events have certainly become the most memorable days of the year, that I am always looking forward to.

Lou : I joined Neverland Adventure at the first edition of the Me
& My Idols, where I was in charge of the snack stand. In the meantime I have completely changed my mission! I didn’t really know what to expect at this first event as I had never been to a convention before from the ‘other side’. It was great for me to see behind the scenes and all the little details that allow an organisation to ensure the smooth running of an convention. During the course of the day, there is sometimes a lot of stress to manage but it’s worth the effort! And let’s not forget that it’s a real pleasure to work with the entire Neverland Adventure team. Gwen, Lucile and Neige do a great job!

• Your missions (real and virtual conventions)

Alex : In real conventions, I assist an actor all day. I accompany him to his different activites and assist him all day if he needs anything. I also take care of the translation for fans when it is needed. It happens during autograph sessions as well as photoshoots but mostly during meetings and Q&A sessions. In online conventions, I welcome some actors but also the fans, I explain to them how the activities will take place, stay at their disposal if there is a need for translation, I also host some games where actors play with fans. I am always in charge of Q&A sessions. We ask questions to the actors that were sent previously. Online conventions introduced a technical aspect with the different Zoom functions, which can be stressful at first but we get used to it pretty fast. All the NA team helps eachother if anything goes wrong. One of the best aspects of online conventions is the possibility to interact more: whether it is with the actors, the fans but also the members of the team, that we see even more than during a real convention.

Lou : During the real conventions, I take care of assisting an actor in all his activities of the day. I also take care of the French translation during the actor’s panels, meetings and autographs. For online conventions, my mission is quite different. I mainly animate the panels with my fantastic co-host Alex, during which we ask questions collected beforehand from the fans. Unlike the Q&A sessions at real conventions, we do not do consecutive interpreting at online events in order to optimise conference time. Instead, a member of our staff performs a written translation in the comments section of Zoom. Online, I also welcome guests and participants at various meetings and games, in pairs with another member of the NA team. The two types of conventions are therefore very different and my mission is not really the same in both cases. Furthermore, I was able to realise that online conventions allowed our team to interact more regularly during the day. This regular communication with the team is something I really enjoyed!

• Neverland Adventure team in 3 words ?

Alex : Generosity – Benevolence – Laughs

Lou : Warm – Devoted – Professionnal

• Your best memories from NA conventions?

Alex : all the conversations, video calls and laughs with the Neverland Adventure team. For our latest event the Me & My Idols Online, I would say the chaotic and funny Q&A session of George Blagden and Stuart Bowman.

Lou : at the Virtual Adventure online convention last June. I loved the fact that I was able to welcome guests from several series and films, and thus be able to interact with so many different people during the course of the day. There was a very friendly atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the fans present for the event also went a long way towards making the experience unforgettable.

Honourable Mention: the wonderfully chaotic panel of George Blagden and Stuart Bowman at the Me & My Idols Online!

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Thank you M&MIO

After a day full of emotions, we wanted to thank you.
First of all, the Versailles family who has been here for this online meeting. Thank you for your trust and your love.
We also wanted to thank all the actors. The ones we have been working with us in the past few years : Alexander, Evan and Tygh but also those who decided to trust us for the first time : Stuart and George. We thank all the agents too!
Thank you to our wonderful team : Alex and Lou who moderate the Q&As, Flora and Morgiane who translated the Q&As, Louise and Marion who moderate the Discord. 💙
We hope you have a lot of new memories.
We have already started sending the screenshots.
We gave 325€ to the fondation des hôpitaux de France.
We will see you in person in March 2021 ✨
Gwen, Lucile and Neige

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M&MI Online : Stuart & Tygh

(EN) We come back to you today with not one but 2 announcements for the Me and My Idols online convention. We are delighted to announce that Stuart Bowman and Tygh Runyan will be joining us on September 19th. Stuart will be doing a game meeting with Alex (Kahoot) and all of Tygh and Stuart’s activities will be on sale on the ticketing next week!
See you soon for new announcements.
The Neverland team
PS: #EAO you will hear from us soon ?