Terms of sale


  • Introduction

Before purchasing any passes and extras, we ask you to carefully read the following terms and conditions, which are applicable to all events organized by Neverland Adventure. Once the pass is purchased, the terms and conditions apply immediately.

  • PASS

It is mandatory to have a PASS to access the event (except for virtual events) and to be able to buy Extras later. Any purchase of photos, autographs, parties or meeting rooms without having previously purchased a PASS will not be valid and non-refundable. When purchasing your pass via the Billetweb ticket office, you must provide your full name and e-mail address. Passes and extras are nominative and cannot be resold or transferred later. Passes are to be collected on the day of the event or the day before the event, depending on the event. It will be necessary to present an identity document (identity card, passport, driving licence) with all the printed proofs of purchase (received during your purchases). When you collect your pass, we will give you an access badge and a bracelet that you must wear during the event. They must be presented to the staff for any access. It is possible to buy a pass or an extra or activity for another person. To do so, just fill in the name and surname of the person in question.


Minors of 16 and over are accepted during the events provided they have parental authorization (a letter signed by the legal representative authorizing their child to participate alone in the event). This authorization must be accompanied by a photocopy of his or her identity document. If a responsible adult accompanies the minor throughout the event, he or she must also be in possession of a pass. Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. All this information will be checked before and during the event.


Ticket prices may be exempt from ticketing fees. Indeed, it is possible that additional fees may be added to the final amount. In the event of a refund, NEVERLAND ADVENTURE will not reimburse the fees charged. The Ticketing accepts all credit card payments and bank transfer. If the event is postponed, tickets will automatically be rescheduled to the new date. If you are unable to attend the event on that date, please contact us via the contact form. In case the event is cancelled in its entirety the tickets will be refunded.


An event is themed on a series/film and not on a single actor. The venue of guests is contractual, due to their professional commitments or any other circumstances. If a guest has to cancel his or her attendance, this will not be any refund of the Pass. Solo extras purchased will be refunded automatically. Duos/trios will be replaced. It is therefore essential that your participation in an event is not based on a single guest. NEVERLAND ADVENTURE reserves the right to modify the date and the place of the event in order to obtain a maximum number of guests present and to meet the most accurate request possible. As said before, if you are not available on the new dates, we invite you to contact us quickly. In case of postponement and/or change of location, NEVERLAND ADVENTURE will not reimburse the expenses you have incurred (hotel, transport, etc).


Photoshoots, autographs and meetings are sold online at the prices indicated on the event website only for people who has already bought a Pass. NEVERLAND ADVENTURE declines all responsibility if the participant does not show up at the time he is called to do his Extras. For autographs, any support is allowed as long as it respects the guest, unless we receive special instructions. We have supports for sale but you can bring your own. No gifts will be given to our guests during the Q&A and Photoshoots. They will only be tolerated during autographs. The extras are nominative and it is forbidden to resale yours.



Online activities (panel, individual meeting, group meeting, etc.) are sold online at the prices indicated on the event site. NEVERLAND ADVENTURE declines all responsibility for the non-execution of an activity if the participant does not connect at the times indicated on his ticket. The activities are nominative, resale is therefore forbidden. It is forbidden to broadcast personalized videos on the internet.


Cameras are allowed. The use of flashes is only allowed during the first 5 minutes of the panels for the well-being of the guests. It is strictly forbidden to take the entire panels on video and to record them. It is strictly forbidden to take photos and videos during photoshoots, autographs, meetings and private parties. Failure to comply with these conditions may result in the immediate dismissal of the event without refund.


By buying a pass/extra and by attending an event organized by NEVERLAND ADVENTURE, you authorize us to use your image for advertising and/or commercial purposes, as well as to broadcast it on sites and social networks.


Your personal items that are not in the locker room are under your supervision. We cannot be held responsible in case of theft, loss or damage to them. NEVERLAND ADVENTURE reserves the right to send back and refuse access to its events to anyone who harms the
organization (defamation, aggression, non-respect of the rules, etc) without any reimbursement. NEVERLAND ADVENTURE reserves the right to modify at any time its general conditions of sale.

By buying a pass or an extra for one of the events organized by NEVERLAND ADVENTURE, you commit yourself to respect these general conditions of sale in their entirety