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A convention is an event lasting one or more days that aims to bring together people with the same passion. Here, we usually bring together fans of series and actors of those series.

To access one of our conventions, you must purchase a pass. Simply go to the convention ticketting and choose the pass that suits you best.

It depends on the convention, but usually it lasts all day. On average from 9:30 to 6:30. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know the schedule for a particular convention!

Our ticketing billetweb.fr accepts payments by credit card and bank transfer.

An extra is an additional paid activity. There are several types of extras: photoshoot, autograph, meeting, meeting selfie, cocktail party, etc. All available activities per event are explained on the event page!

According to our general terms and conditions of sale, tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing. You can send us a message explaining the situation.

Of course, in case of postponement of the event, we offer a refund to each person who could no longer come.

If an actor cancels, we’ll suggest a replacement. If this replacement does not suit you, we will also offer a refund. However, passes are not refundable.

All cameras are allowed. Attention, flashes are only allowed during the first 5 minutes of each panel. It is only possible to take pictures during the Q&A activity in the panel room. It is forbidden to take pictures during the other activities.

The planning of the event is usually available 1 week before the event.