Neverland Adventure (EN)

Neverland Adventure is an association created in 2016, we organize events in Paris. One year after the creation, there were a change of management. A new dynamic team is now managing the association and they are ready to make you dream !

Our mission

Our main aim is to allow the fans to spend some wonderful moments with their idols. We organize meetings or conventions while the fans can meet their favourite actors. There are some activities during those events, fans can share time with them. That is also the opportunity to spend time with other fans who share the same passion.

Our values

Since its creation. Neverland Adventure is honest and close to the fans. We want to keep this aspect because let us not forget that, without you, those events won’t be possible !


The events will take place in Paris for now. But if we see that you are asking an event somewhere else, we might consider it.

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