Before any pass and extras purchase, we are asking you to read carefully the following terms of sale. By submitting an order for the purchase of Pass and Extras, Buyer acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions.


You must have purchased a PASS to attend the event and to be able to buy Extras. Any photo-ops, autographs, party or meetings purchased, without a PASS beforhand will not be considered.

Upon Pass purchase on Le Pot Commun, you must provide your Surnames, First Names and E-mails. Pass and Extras are nominative and can’t be resold or given later. The Pass must be collected the day of the event or the day before. You will be required to present a valid ID (identity card, passport, driving licence) and also proofs of purchase (received after any purchase).
When you collect your pass, we will give you a badge and a bracelet that you must wear during the whole convention. You must show it to the staff personnal to get access.

It is possible to buy a Pass to another person. You will only need to complete the order with the First Name, Surname and E-mail of this person.


Minors aged 16 and over can attend our events but shall be in possession of a parental authorisation (a letter signed by the legal representative which authorize his child to attend the event). This authorisation must be presented with the legal represantative ID. If the person responsible go with a minor, this person must have bought a Pass.

Minors under 16 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult.
Those information will be check  previously and during the event.


All prices shown on the ticketing does not count any fee from the ticketing. Indeed, we are using a ticketing, which have additional charges. In case of a refund, NEVERLAND ADVENTURE will not refund the additional charges levied by Le Pot Commun.
The ticketing accepts all credit card payments.

We also accept payment by cheque. Please send us an email to [email protected] if you want to pay by cheque.

In the case that the event is postponed, the tickets will be automatically postponed to the new date. If you can’t attend the event to the new date, contact us as soon as possible.
In the case that the event is cancelled, the tickets will be refunded.


An event is about a TV Show / Movie and not about only one actor.

The coming of the guests is contractual, due to professional commitments or any other circumstances. If a guest have to cancel his attending, this won’t be a refund reason of the Pass. All solo extras bought will be automatically refunded. Duo and trios photo-ops will be replaced.
It is therefore essential that your participation to an event was not only for one guest.

NEVERLAND ADVENTURE reserves the right to change the date and the venue of the event to get a maximum of attendes and to respond to a request as fairly as possible. As mentioned above, if you are not available to the new date, please contact us quickly.

In a case of postponed or change of the venue, NEVERLAND ADVENTURE will not refund cost incurred (hotel, transport, etc).


NEVERLAND ADVENTURE disclaims itself from any liability if the attending does not show up at the time where he is called to do it.

For the Autographs, any support is allowed as long as this one respects the guest except if we receive Specific Directives and except supports which contains a competitor logo. We are selling support at the event but you can bring yours.
No gift can be given during Q&A, Photo-ops and Meetings. You shall give them during autographs.

The extras are nominative so forgiven.


Only the compact cameras are allowed. Flashes are allowed the 5 first minutes during panel for the good of the guests.

It is strictly forbidden to take videos during the Q&A.

It is strictly forbidden to take photos and videos during photo-ops, autographs, meetings, VIP dinner and parties.

Failure to comply with these conditions may lead to a immediate expulsion with no refund.


By buying a Pass/Extra and by attend an event organized by NEVERLAND ADVENTURE, you authorize us to use your image for advertising purposes or and commercial, as well as share it on website and social medias.


Your personnal object which are not in the locker room are under your own surveillance.  Vos objets personnels qui ne sont pas au vestiaire sont sous votre surveillance. We can’t be held responsible in case of theft or loss.

NEVERLAND ADVENTURE reserves the right to refuse or expulse to his event any person who detracting from the Organization (defamation, attacks, failure to follow the rules, etc) with no refund.

NEVERLAND ADVENTURE reserves the right to modify at any time his General terms of sale.

By buying a Pass or an Extra to one event organized by NEVERLAND ADVENTURE, you agree to comply with and be bound by the Terms and Conditions.