What is a convention ?

A convention is an event of one or several days. This a sharing moment between fans and actors.

How to get access to a convention ?

To get access to a convention, you HAVE to get a Pass. There are several pass, with low or high prices. It depends of the content.

What is an extra ?

An extra is a ticket that allows you to get access to some activities like autographs, photos or meetings. The prices may vary depending on the actor.

How can I buy a ticket ?

You can buy a ticket on our ticketing. After you have bought a ticket, you will receive a pdf document.

What is the Challenge and how can I do it ?

We will secretly put some challenges in about ten envelopes that you will get as the same time as your extras. When you will open your envelope, you will know if you have received a challenge or not. If you received one, keep it safe; don’t tell it to your friends or family. It is a secret between you and us. You will have to do your challenge during the convention as instructed in the envelope. When you have done it, a staff member will come to you and will offer you an extra.

To give you an example, your challenge could be “when you will go to ask a question during a q&a, tell him to make himrself comfortable and seat down on the floor”. If you succeed this challenge, you would gain a photo-op for example.

When you will buy you ticket, you will be able to choose the option “DÉFIS” / “CHALLENGES” if you want to participate to these challenges.

Once I am at the convention, how can I get my pass and my extras ?

We will have some stands run by our staff so you will be able to get everything. But you have to come with your pdf documents (purchase proof) and an ID.

I loved one of the actor at the convention, can I buy his/her extras at the venue ?

Sure, there will be stands run by our team. You will be able to buy extras there !

Can I get my DVD sign or any photo ?

You can come with your own support as long as it doesn’t offend the actor. The actor can refuse to sign one of your support. But we advice people to come with official support (offcial posters, dvd…) or to buy one of our support. We will sell photo of the actors. The photos with a logo of another organization are not allowed.

I can't come anymore to the event, can I sell my ticket?

Unfotunately, you can’t sell your ticket. But please, email us and explain us your problem : [email protected]

Can I get a refund if my favourite actor cancel ?

If one actor cancels, we will do our best to replace by another actor of the show. The extras of this actor will be replace by those of the new actor or refund.