What is a convention?

A convention is an event which lasts one or several days about a chose theme. It is a moment where fans can share with the guests (actors, producer, writers…). convention usually start between 9 and 10 pm and start no later than 8pm. During a convention, we offer several activities like questions and answers with the actors (included in all passes), photoshoots, autographs, meet & greet, cocktail…

How to access a convention?

To get access to a convention you MUST have a pass. There are several pass, with different prices according to extras which are including in the pass.

How can I buy a pass and an extra?

You can directly buy a pass and extra on the ticketing. When you buy one or several ones, you receive a confirmation email with a e-ticket.

Can I pay in several installements?

You can pay any pass (or extra) that costs more then 200€ in three installments. You get the installment option in the choice of payment on the ticketing.

What is an extra?

An extra is a ticket which allow you to access to an extra activitie like photoshoot, autograph, meeting with the actor(s) you want.

What is the challenge option? How do I select it?

It is an option that you can select when you buy your ticket. If you select it, you may have a challenge during the event (only 5/10 people will get a challenge). If you receive a challenge the day of the event, you may win an extra (photoshoot, autograph…). You could for example get the challenge « ask a question without talking » or « ask a question by singing »

Can I share a photoshoot with a friend?

Yes, you can share any photo with your friend. For a single photoshoot, you must have one extra per person. For a duo, trio or group photoshoot, you can have one extra for two persons. »

During the event, how can I get my pass?

You will be able to withdraw your pass and extras. You will have to bring an ID and the e-tickets to access the event.

Can I buy extra during the event?

Yes, you will be able to buy extra during the event by bank card or cash.

Can I get any picture signed during the autograph?

Yo can get any picture signed if you respect the actor.

I can't come anymore, can I get a refund?

There is a no refund policy. But please send us an email and explain us the situation so we can try to help you :

If my favorite actor cancelled, can I get a refund?

If an actor cancel, we will invite a substitute actor. The extra of the guest who cancelled whill be replaced by the new one or will be refunded.