After a wonderful convention, we wanted to take the time to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. This week end has been really magical for us and it’s time to say thank you to the people who allowed us to accomplish all of this.

We first wanted to thank you, yes you who are reading this and every other fan that trusted us for the first or even the second time. We are so happy to have been able to offer you this event and we are always flabbergasted by how far you are coming from and by how enthusiastic you all are. Thank you for your kindness and all the returns we had on the convention. ♥

We hoped you left the convention with your head full of memories (and Evan’s music) !

It’s also important for us to thank all of our 5 amazing actors : Alexander, Evan, Jessica, Tygh and George. They loved meeting you all and being able to get to know you all a bit better. They all hope they’ll be able to meet you again soon (as you may have noticed 😉 )

We also wanted to thank Flora and Florian, the photographers who did an amazing job with the pictures, our partners, the one who were there but also the ones who couldn’t make it, the security team who once again did an amazing job but also Flo, the make-up artist, Arlette for the jewellery stand and last but not least the team of the Novotel Paris Sud Porte de Charenton for welcoming us warmly.

How could we possibly forget our amazing and wonderful volunteer Team : Adrien, Alexandra, Alice, Amélie, Amy, Camille, Cédric, Cindy, Elodie, Flora, Florian, Flory, Karine, Louise, Loundja, Manon, Marion, Mathilde, Morgiane and Nicole. You’ve all been incredibly helpful and we are so proud to be able to have you all on the team and to call you our Neverland Family.

We already started sending the digital pictures. For those who didn’t buy the digital photos, you can still buy it online on the ticketing :

See you soon,

Gwen, Lucile and Neige

Neverland Adventure


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