The convention will take place at the hotel Novotel Paris Sud Porte de Charenton (3-5 Place des Marseillais, 94227 Charenton-le-Pont).
The access plans and useful information are available on our website (where to eat, sleep, etc) :
All activities will take place on level -1, accessible by elevator for the people with reduced mobility.
You’ll be able to withdraw passes on Saturday 13th April from 8am on level -1. There will be 4 desks : VIP + Complete Experience (VIPs have a priority and can skip the line to draw their passes) / Shooting + Press / Signing / Entry. Please follow the directions and the infos given by our team.
The extras and goodies will be on sale from 8am as soon as the doors open. We accept payment in cash and credit card.
Attention : for fairness reason, we decided to open the sales of Alexander, Evan and Jessica photoshoot (solo) and Alexander, Evan and Jessica autographs only to the people who do not have any extras with these actors from 8:00 to 9:00am. During the withdrawing, you will get a distinctive sign which will allow you to get the priority during one hour for these extras. This priority is valid only on photoshoot (solo) and autographe Alexander, Evan and Jessica! From 9am, everyone will be able to buy those extras. Thank you for your understanding.
The quantity of extras are really limited and we advise you to come early if you want to buy extras.
We will sale Entry pass on the day of the event. You can buy one at the extras desk.
For those who arrive after 9:45, you will be able to withdraw you pass directly at the extras desk after asking the security at the entrance.
Please bring your ID and you e-ticket (pdf ticket that you have received from le pot commun). You can print it or download it on your smartphone. If you have a lot of ticket, we advise you to print it. Indeed, it will be easier for our team.
If you are under 18, you have to print the parental authorization and get it signed by your parents and bring a copy of their ID (available on our website :…/autorisation-parentale-E…)
You can’t withdraw the pass of someone else.
You must wear your pass and your bracelet during the whole day.
The Questions and Answers will be translated in French and English by our translators. The meetings can be translated if someone need translation. Our translators will also be here during photoshoots and autographs. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help if you need it.
Please be careful to not take too much time at the photoshoot session so that everyone can enjoy their time at the photoshoot as equally and fairly as the other attendees. Moreover, you will have more time during meet&greets and autograph sessions to discuss with the guests.
If ever you have gifts for the actors, please give it to them only during autograph sessions or meet&greets. If ever you don’t have any of those activities please give it to a member of the staff, he or she will then bring it to the guests.
All cameras are allowed. Flashes will only be allowed during the first 5 minutes in order to not disturb the guests. 
In the panel room and except during the opening video, you can record and take as many pictures as you want. You are absolutely not allowed to record or take photos during the photoshoots, the autograph session, the meeting rooms or the cocktail. 
You will be able to take photos and videos during Evan’s concert. 
The calls for all the activities will be given on the panel screen. The order will be given according to the type of pass except for the meeting rooms. Please respect the call and go to the activity only if you are called. 
The tombola raffle will take place after the opening ceremony with Tygh and George. You can buy tombola tickets online tomorrow or at the extra desk until 9:45. 
The main room will be closed during the lunch break but you can still eat inside the hotel.
If you are making a fanbook, you can offer it during autographs or meeting rooms.
You will get a free program booklet A5 that can get signed during autograph sessions. You can also buy A4 pictures or A3 poster. Your printed picture can also get signed or you can bring your own support but please note that the actor or agent can refuse your support if they feel like it’s inappropriate.
If you have Luggage, you will be able to give them to the cloakroom which coasts 1 euro per attendee.
See you in a few days ♥
Gwen, Lucile & Neige


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